Written translation & transcreation

  • I want to promote my product to the Spanish market and gain their trust by offering a translation free of gaffes.
  • I want to introduce my business to prospective Spanish customers marrying my tone of voice with a Spanish flair and the expectations of my audience.
  • I want to make my company literature accessible to my foreign staff or stakeholders so they fully understand our mission and procedures and we are on the same page.
  • I want to make my travel, health or educational book, cookbook or research accessible to the wide Spanish speaking world.
  • I want to make my teaching or learning materials accessible to Spanish speakers so they fully understand the content and to grow my business.
  • I want to grow the audience of my blog, speak to them in Spanish without loosing my va-va-voom.
  • I want to translate my app, website, magazine, newsletter, menu, recipe, and more into Spanish.
  • I'd like to promote my region, hotel, restaurant, tourist destination, tourist adventure to the Spanish speaking world.

Sounds like you? I can help.


You should look into transcreation. What an exercise! I loved it. I think you're a natural in this style and, without doubt, you really make people want to buy the product. You convince every one. I'll have 10 kilos of...., please. (Blog article translation which I can show you.)

Liaison Interpreting

Need an interpreter for a public service meeting such as a notice of marriage? A messenger for a business deal?

Let me be your mediator and help you achieve your personal or business objectives by bridging the language and cultural gap for you.


Pili was a joy to work with. Her excellent English and Spanish translation skills enabled my wife and registrar to follow everything that was said during a meeting where we were giving our notice of marriage. She was able to attend the appointment on such short notice and followed up afterward to ensure everything was understood. I recommend Pili because she's professional, delivers and follows up.
(Michael Barber, Senior Associate at J.P. Morgan)

Editing and Proofreading

Editing is checking the house foundations: comparing the translation and original side by side to guarantee it is fit for purpose. The message will achieve the same result or reaction as the original; the information will be accurate; the tone and jargon will be right; your company's glossaries, if relevant, will have been used.

Proofreading is a spring clean: re-reading the translated text only to dust all those hideous embarrassing cobwebs: spelling, grammar, punctuation, typing and layout mishaps.

Proofreading is not revising a non-native speaker translation (that is correcting or re-writing) or editing machine translation (that is PEMT, and often re-writing).

My proofreading and editing is included in my fees. I can also collaborate with a colleague from my professional network for external proofreading for an additional fee.

Why you need editing and proofreading:

First of all, translators are humans like you and a second pair of glasses is a safety net and a reputation gatekeeper worth having. At the very least, you want to give your translator a few days between finishing and revising to let the translation "breathe" and help the translator detach from the source text.

Secondly, below are ten problems I found revising translations for Translators Without Borders. These could be inexperienced or unqualified translators but, in a paid job, it could be that translator from that agency who puts speed before quality to beat the competition. 

  1. Incorrect grammar 
  2. Accidental omission of words
  3. Use of English punctuation
  4. Use of English sentence order
  5. Unnatural or unimaginative literal translations akin to machine translation
  6. Mistranslations because the translator did not spot a problem in the source text
  7. Mistranslations due to lack of understanding of the source text
  8. Lack of adherence to company glossaries
  9. Lazy redundant language e.g. "they looked for researchers to research..."
  10. Wrong tone e.g. too colloquial for an academic article 

Why you need me:


I think this is the first time that someone understands this sentence properly and, above all, translates it well, including the sense, the tone, everything. YOU DESERVE A TEN! (Translation of highly creative restaurant critique by award-winning food critic which I can show you.)


English and French into Spanish translator

Also speak Galician (second mother tongue)

Intermediate Italian

MA Translation Studies (English>Spanish), Distinction

BA Hons Translation and Interpreting (French>Spanish/Galician), First

MA dissertation in cookbook translation, Distinction

3-month culinary translation course, see Food Translation page

SDL Trados & MemoQ-certified 

ICO registered

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