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I’m Pili Rodríguez Deus, a highly-qualified high-quality Spanish translator and interpreter based in Southampton, UK, trading as Pilirodriguezdeus.com.

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Your success is my success. Let’s be exceptional.

Why work with me?

CommunicationI won a price for inquisitiveness and engagement in my ITI SUFT course (2019). Expect lots of questions to ensure that we are on the same page. You’ll deal directly with me if you are a direct client, saving time and eliminating complex communication channels.
EfficiencyI use the technology tools of the trade to provide consistent and efficient translations. Examples: creating and recycling glossaries so that the same term is always translated the same way if appropriate; conducting QA checks that spot untranslated sentences, extra spaces, missing formatting, etc.
EngagementI focus on what I enjoy. When a translator takes on any project that comes their way, they can’t put in the same enthusiasm into all of them. If you love what you do and know your specialisms, you’ll provide a better service.
PrideI pride myself in offering a service above the mark and I appreciate your feedback. I prefer testimonials speaking for me than blowing my own trumpet. I’m a humble person proud of my work and qualifications.
ReputationWhen I taught, more than one person said that they learnt more in their first lesson with me than the whole year before. I gained a reputation for being someone who goes the extra mile and cares. My standards in translation are no different. Look around the site for references.
ROII provide translations that are accurate, idiomatic, human, original and effective. If you have high standards, we are on the same page.


I would not be lying if I told you that this is possibly the best translation I have received for this exercise. I love how you have solved the cultural gaps, how naturally you’ve added clarification and advice; the terminology; the tone; and how you’ve renamed the paragraph titles so they make more sense -everything! You’ve done a fantastic job. Congratulations. (recipe translation)

Usually I have to explain individually to each student the history of [British dish] with an article I will one day publish that helps understand its evolution. With you, it was not needed. (article about British food)

The cheesy stuff

There’s a human behind every business, my story is overleaf.