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In the blog I discuss recipe and cookbook translation, although it is expanding into other areas. I’ve written about:

The blog started in the last quarter of 2019 when I took part in the #ThatTranslatorCanCook challenge set up by Hannah Lawrence. This was a cooking, translating and blogging challenge set up by Hannah to gain experience in the field of food translation. I contributed knowledge from my MA dissertation research into cookbook translation and from my specialisation course in culinary translation with my blog posts and during Twitter discussions.

My dissertation

The final title was “Foreignisation: the icing on the cake?”.

I translated 6,000 words of an American cookbook, including introductory sections and recipes; described what cookbook translation involves based on this experience and academic research; then wrote a 9,000-word essay presenting the case for many of the translation decisions I had to make in terms of foreignization vs domestication, or conservation vs adaptation; closely linked to the author’s voice and to the mixed-genre cookbook in general. My corpus was La Tartine Gourmande, by Béatrice Peltre.

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