Education & Training

Education & Training Translation

Examples of experience

  • game instructions for children on the topic of emotions, relationships and COVID-19
  • lesson plans for early years on the topic of diversity, including classroom and game instructions
  • course descriptions for bilingual secondary school

Texts I can translate

  • course descriptions
  • conference or class PowerPoints
  • company newsletters
  • company training manuals
  • staff manuals
  • e-learning materials
  • market research questionnaires
  • market research reports
  • marketing copy: flyers, web copy, blog entries, promotional adds
  • teaching materials
  • textbooks
  • patient information leaflets
  • other information leaflets

If not listed, ask and we can discuss your text.

Why me?

I have a very good understanding of readers’ needs as learners and heaps of experience writing course materials. This means you can relax while I translate your company’s teaching, learning or staff training materials taking the utmost care with the needs of their new audience and ensuring that they are crystal-clear, well-structured and effective.

My credentials:

  • MA Translation¬† (Distinction in journalistic, medical and technical translation and overall)
  • Post-graduate certificate in post-compulsory education (PGCE PCET) and qualified teacher status in the UK and Spain
  • Fifteen years teaching Spanish in British colleges to adults and young people of all nationalities, backgrounds and abilities, from complete beginner to university entrance level, plus five years as a private Spanish coach for exams and other purposes.
  • Recent experience of being a learner in language classes (Italian), business training (ITI SUFT) and academic courses (MA Translation), online and campus-based, which means I relived how it feels to be a student and what is helpful and what annoys learners.

Book translation

Are you an author, an editor or a publisher? Are you looking to publish your book or a very interesting new book in Spanish? I’d love to get into book translation, particularly but not exclusively, cookbook translation.

My main objective when translating your book is to be a faithful representative of your voice and style whilst ensuring that your message gets across by making only the necessary adaptations.

Book translation experience:

  • Translated 6000 words of an American cookbook for my MA dissertation, for which I was awarded a distinction. I also discussed various facets of the translation of mixed-genre cookbooks, from what to do with cultural-specific items to genre conventions to the author’s voice, the latter being my focal point.
  • Discussed the translation of whimsical language in Roald Dahl’s books for children, offering my own fun solutions given that his language had been neutralised in the existing translations into Galician (BA dissertation).


The translation is excellent needing some minor proofreading. The section on how to translate a hybrid text is well-researched and covers a lot of ground. A very thorough approach to pragmatic research was demonstrated through consultation of parallel texts and TV shows. 

(American cookbook translation for MA dissertation, distinction)

Certificate translation

If you need to translate your academic certificates from Spanish into English for the UK, I can do that. I have lived in the UK for 20 years and I did a legal translation unit in both my BA and MA, obtaining a Merit for that unit.

If you need to translate your academic certificates from English into Spanish for Spain and you need a sworn translation, I can refer you to a sworn translator (the Spanish authorities require the documents to be stamped by such a person). I am a sworn translator myself for French>Spanish.