Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness translations

Translations I have done

  • game instructions for children regarding COVID-19
  • instructions and advice for the general public regarding COVID-19
  • a manual to help managers manage mental health in their teams
  • patient information leaflets for my MA
  • medical translation of various hospital reports for a travel insurance claim to obtain compensation for missed flights (re-scheduled flights) and an expensive week of missed hotel nights due to hospitalisation. Topic: miscarriage and emergency surgery. Claim successful.

Why me?

  • Distinction in the medical translation unit of my MA
  • Distinction in the journalistic translation unit of my MA
  • 20 years presenting, explaining and breaking down information into manageable chunks as an educator, with proven results
  • a personal interest in health & wellness. For example, I consume organic food and other organic and environmentally-friendly products and regularly read about them from providers newsletters and other sources
  • An excellent researcher (see testimonials)


This is an extremely successful assessment. Your translation reads like an original. (Patient information leaflet on heart condition, MA assessment)

You need to tell me how you researched this text because it is unbelievable how well you did it. I’d hand you the certificate today just for [term researched]. (Scientific article for a cookery course, culinary translation)