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Food events summer 2020

Oxford Food Symposium, 10th July – 2nd August 2020, online, £80

• If you don't have the resources or the time, you can buy and, in some cases download from their library , the proceedings of previous symposiums. I have added a couple to my Google Books myself! You can contribute a small donation for the privilege. 😊

• They also have a podcast section which I look forward to exploring.

Pitt Rivers Museum Survival Cookbook, 9th July 2020

See exhibitions further below.

Dublin Gastronomy Symposium

• Here is a list of the papers that were presented by topic area with links to them.
• You can even watch the presentations!

Gastronomika Live

Listen to key figures in the restaurant industry discuss their current challenges and future opportunities. For example, I listened live to Pol Contreras's ideas about chocolate; Enrique Olvera’s ideas and also talk of his mole sauce; Dan Barber’s idea of the future role of chefs or Paco Morales’ Noor restaurant trajectory (Córdoba).

FineDining Lovers: Turning The Tables

Again, you can listen to people in the restaurant industry talking about their challenges and ideas for survival. I watched live two or three really inspiring talks, including Grant Achatz and Mark Moriarty's.

There’s no shortage of events in this world, you just need to look for them. 😉

Food exhibitions

Pitt Rivers Museum Survival Cookbook 

This is a work in progress by the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford and, the best, there is a digital exhibition opening on 9th July 2020.

Did you know there was a Food Museum in the Netherlands? Well, there is. Don't forget to check it out. I will do too!

But, looking it up to signpost it here, I also found a Disgusting Food Museum in Sweden... Not so sure I want to visit that one!

Food MAs

• MA Anthropology of Food, SOAS London
• MA in Gastronomy & Food Studies, Dublin Technological University
• Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy, Boston University, USA.

Food journals

New European Journal of Food, Drink and Society. Not sure yet if it is free access.

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