Food label translation is serious

Food label translation services | translation on organic product packaging

Food label translation is a very serious business that requires knowledge of current food labelling legislation. Not only that, but lack of nutritional and allergen information on food labels can kill, hence Natasha’s Law. Whether you’re a translation agency or a small food business, I’m here to help you provide a decent service to your buyers or clients.

Poor label translation example

As well as legal compliance, your products need to display clear information. Two important benefits:

1) From a health perspective, buyers will be able to understand the information and act on it.

2) From a marketing point of view, it will make your product look reliable and buyers more likely to buy it.

The following is not a professional label translation as it contains incorrect and unusual English. Of course, it’s not the worst you’ll find, but, on a premium organic product, it stands out for the wrong reasons.

The example in green further above talks about the healing of pigs instead of the curing or ageing of meat. Machine translation? A non-native and non-specialist translator? I can save you the embarrassment, if you’ll allow me.

The history of… is the history of our family. Since the farthest generations we have bred our pigs and produced salamis following the most antique butchery Italian tradition.

We are also pioneers of organic products with… This is the first real line of organic salamis. It is gluten free and without milk derivates.

… line is based on the organic breeding, respecting the life quality of the animals that live in wide open spaces.