Health and wellness translation services: English and French to Spanish

Why work with me

Health and medical information is vital to all humans; so is delivering it in a clear engaging style that allows us to clearly understand it and encourages us to act on it rather than ignore it. I can help you!

Are you looking for an excellent researcher?

You’ve found it!


You need to tell me how you researched this text because it’s unbelievable how well you did it. I’d hand you your certificate today. (Scientific article, culinary translation course)

Are you looking for translations that read like originals?

With a distinction in medical translation, you can rest assured that your texts will be in good hands.


This is an extremely successful assessment. Your translation reads like an original. (Patient leaflet on arrhythmia, MA assessment)

Examples of past health translations

  • nutrition blog posts
  • patient information leaflets
  • mental health training manual for managers
  • game instructions to teach children about COVID-19
  • advice for the general public regarding COVID-19
  • various hospital reports for a travel insurance claim

Next steps