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Need a proper cookbook translator?

A cookbook is a colossal investment of time, energy, and money for both author and publisher; you want to ensure that your translation meets your potential Spanish readers expectations, so as to sell more copies and avoid negative reviews.

As a specialist cookbook translator, I have the tools to meet your Spanish readers expectations, I know what they need and how to provide it.

With a decent deadline, it will be easier for me to spot missing ingredients from the ingredients list, missing steps from the method and suspicious conversions.

I will research ingredient substitutions in reliable sources and specialist shops and advise you accordingly.

I can also advise on format and style. At the end of the day, I’m a cookbook user (let’s say, more of a cookbook addict), so I know what helps and what doesn’t. Importantly, I’m also a trained and highly experienced teacher, I know what’s clear and what isn’t.

So, if you are a cookbook publisher, editor, commissioner or author looking for a reliable translator with some knowledge of cookbook history, real experience of cookbook translation, and tons of experience cooking from foreign cookbooks, you are in the right hands.

Let’s combine our specialist skills to make that foreign cookbook publication a success!

I can also translate samples for commissioning editors, blurbs for catalogues, reviews for your website or perusal, and more.


Cookbook translation

“The translation is excellent. The section on how to translate a hybrid text is well-researched and covers a lot of ground. A very thorough approach to pragmatic research was demonstrated through consultation of parallel texts and TV shows.” (MA dissertation markers)

Food glossary compilation

“I love all the entries you added [to the glossary] and how detailed they are. Nothing to correct!” (Rosa – Trágora Formación tutor)

What next?

Check out my cookbook translation experience or head to the portfolio. But don’t forget to read my article for cookbook authors on cookbook translation. Then, hit the contact page to discuss your book’s new life in Spanish!