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Types of translation

It’s all translation, but the degree of creativity, flexibility and adaptation varies from one type to another, and so does the price tag.


e.g. packaging translation

Relaying a message from one language to another in written form, usually using the same purpose and format as the original e.g. package label for package label.

The two things to remember is that, one, we are not translating individual words separately from their context and, two, translation involves a mix of complex informed decisions.

A discerning translator will do a much better job than an online translation tool or that cousin with A Level Spanish. Professional translators decide whether a translation is appropriate based on:

  • the purpose of your text
    • e.g. informative vs instructional vs creative or artistic
  • the target audience and medium
    • British / American English
    • friendly / formal tone
    • plain / specialist language
  • the genre conventions, etc.
    • English vs Spanish recipe format
    • English vs Spanish medical leaflet

Messages may also include subtext, humour or cultural allusions that don’t have an equivalent in the target culture. In some cases you could disregard a pun, in others it would be important to maintain it by adapting it.


e.g. cookbook localisation

Using a specific language variant (say Argentinian Spanish) and adapting the text so that it is useful and appealing to the target audience. Imagine translating a cookbook for Spain leaving American temperatures and cup measurements: readers would be annoyed.

The term is also used for website localisation, where you have to localise keywords for search engine optimisation purposes so that you’re using the terms and phrases that your target audience is looking for.


e.g. new panna cotta add

Transferring a creative text into another. This term is used in advertising and slogan translation where you need the audience to buy a product. The imagery and tone of your text will need to be adapted or even re-written.


You should look into transcreation. What an exercise! I loved it. I think you’re a natural in this style and, without doubt, you really make people want to buy the product. You convince every one. I’ll have 10 kilos of…., please. (Translation of blog article containing a product review.)

This exercise is magnificent. The text flows like a stream in the woods. It’s simple, natural, clear… Fantastic! And the contextualisations are very well thought out. (Restaurant website localisation)

It’s clear that you like this type of text, what a pleasure reading you! I loved your proposal and you must be really proud because not everyone is as gifted as you playing with vocabulary. (Creative menu translation)

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