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Pili Rodríguez Deus, your creative Spanish translator

Looking for high-quality Spanish translation services to capture Spanish audiences or expand your business or readership?

What, currently based in Galicia (Spain) can offer you:

  • bespoke native Spanish translations
  • creative and compelling Spanish copy
  • excellent source culture knowledge thanks to 20+ years of immersion in British culture
  • exceptional awareness of readers’ linguistic and cultural needs thanks to 20+ years teaching Spanish
  • professional translation services from English and French to Spanish and interpreting services between English, Spanish and Galician

I specialise in both creative translation services and the translation of educational materials and currently work with direct clients, other freelance translators, publishers and small boutique translation agencies.

Growing up surrounded by farmers and two languages in Galicia (Spain), listening to stories of Uruguayan foods my mother had learnt to cook as a migrant in Uruguay, I have always found both food and language fascinating, including the different dialects of my second native language: Galician. After graduating in translation and interpreting, I lived in the UK for 20+ years and taught my own language and culture to all sorts of British people, and other nationalities, but always felt bad about leaving translation behind so, more recently, went back to uni to do a masters, this time focusing on English > Spanish translation. My main translation specialisms are food and wine translation, including cookbook translation; education and e-learning translation, and travel and tourism translation.

When not in the office…

A slice of homemade Victoria sandwich cake | Professional Spanish translation services
Cooking and food photographing | Professional Spanish translation services
Designing and photographing my garden
Food shop in Trinidad, Cuba | Professional Spanish translation services