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Looking for creative Spanish translation services or professional proofreading services for a book or other material? You’ve come to the right place but let me introduce myself.

A native Spanish and Galician speaker, I have lived around half my life in Galicia (Spain) and the other (smaller) half in the UK, where I taught Spanish to adults and young people for 20+ years. I retrained in translation, my initial degree, before relocating to Galicia in 2022, where I’m currently based.

I’ve been working in translation and editing, mainly from English into Spanish, and collaborating with boutique translation agencies, publishers, private clients and other translators, for the past 3-4 years.

My main translation fields are marketing (including SEO translation) and publishing and my main specialisms: education, food and drink (including wine), and lifestyle.

Slice of homemade Victoria sandwich cake | Professional Spanish translation services

My education specialism is evident, but why food… you’re wondering. The thing is I grew up in Galicia surrounded by Spanish and Galician culture but listening to stories of Uruguayan foods my mother had learnt to cook living in Uruguay. Studying French in France as a teenager and working in the UK as an adult — I’ve inherited my parents’ travel gene obviously —, my interest in foreign cuisine continued to grow alongside the need to learn to cook by myself, which ended in a collection of cookbooks that inspired and fed my master’s dissertation in cookbook translation which was followed by courses in gastronomy and pâtisserie translation and the first translation of a cookbook.

Book translations

Cook This Book cookbook image | Translated by Pili Rodríguez Deus
2 copies of Diseño Humano para principiantes | Translation of Chetan Parkyn's book by Pili Rodríguez Deus
Husband holding a homemade grapefruit cake from Cook This Book by Molly Baz, translated into Spanish by Pili Rodriguez Deus

What’s the story behind your business or your book? Need help retelling it in Spanish? Let’s discuss it over (virtual) cake.

Why not read more about my specialisms or portfolio?

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