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Pili Rodríguez Deus, your creative Spanish translator

Looking for high-quality Spanish translation services to capture Spanish audiences and expand your business or readership?

Pili @, currently based in Galicia (Spain), offers:

  • top quality professional translation services from English and French to Spanish
  • interpreting services between English, Spanish and Galician
  • bespoke creative Spanish copy
  • excellent British culture knowledge and exceptional awareness of readers’ cultural needs thanks to 20+ years teaching Spanish in Britain

Specialing in:

  • Spanish creative translation services
  • the translation of educational materials


  • boutique translation agencies
  • direct clients
  • other translators
  • Spanish publishers

Growing up surrounded by two languages in Galicia (Spain) and listening to stories of Uruguayan foods my mother had learnt to cook whilst living in Uruguay, I found food and languages fascinating from childhood, including the many dialects of my second native language, Galician.

After graduating in French to Spanish translation and interpreting with English as a subsidiary language, I worked in the UK for over 20 years teaching Spanish language and culture, where I met my Northern Irish husband. With a view to returning home for family reasons, I completed a masters on English to Spanish translation, followed by specialist courses in food, wine and SEO translation.

My main fields of work are food and wine translation, cookbook translation, education and e-learning translation, and travel and tourism translation.


Screenshot of my article on cookbooks on Dianne Jacob's blob | Successful cookbook translation

When not in the office…

A slice of homemade Victoria sandwich cake | Professional Spanish translation services
Cooking and food photographing | Professional Spanish translation services
Designing and photographing my garden
Food shop in Trinidad, Cuba | Professional Spanish translation services