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Pili Rodríguez Deus, creative Spanish translator

Your vibrant voice in Spanish

A fan of Roald Dahl’s nonsense with a twenty-year career in Spanish language and culture education, now specialising in creative translation services for the business marketing, publishing and education industries.

If you’re looking for a professional creative English to Spanish or French to Spanish translator or interpreter who can be your voice in new markets, here is one. My aims are to enjoy my work and help you achieve your highest potential.

From farming roots, although a fair-weather gardener, organic and environmental values are close to my heart and I enjoy helping companies that promote such values. Food has always been at the centre of my life, hence my specialisms in food and wine translation. With an inquisitive palate, I enjoy fine foods and rejoice translating marketing copy.

I’m a cookbook addict, as you’ll see from my MA dissertation in cookbook translation, and keen to give cookbook authors a voice in Spanish. I particularly enjoy the modern hybrid cookbook, especially those that go the extra mile to introduce us to another culture not only through food but also through people’s stories.

I admire any business built from hard work, talent, perseverance, and courage, and I’d be delighted to be your partner in success. Whether big or small, I’m interested in your human story. How did you start? Who was your greatest help or inspiration? What’s your current dream? How can I help you?

Let’s put the cherry on the cake!

Star ingredient

your expertise, dreams, ideas

Cherry on the cake

my multilingual language and culture knowledge


mix wisely, slow-cook, spice up, taste, test, assess


the sweetness of a job well done

A slice of my homemade Victoria sandwich cake and of my amateur food photography | Specialised culinary translations to tantalise taste buds


September 2021