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Pili Rodríguez Deus, your vibrant voice in Spanish

Are you looking for a professional English and French to Spanish creative translator who will help you spread your voice and your wings into new markets? Someone who will carefully listen to your needs and patiently work with you to achieve your aims?

With an extensive background in education and a penchant for creative language (my BA dissertation discussed the translation of Roald Dahl’s nonsense), I specialise in translation services for marketing, publishing and education purposes.

After years of studying languages in Spain and France, and teaching in the UK, my language and cultural expertise helps discerning entrepreneurs, publishers and authors, and boutique creative and marketing agencies gain and maintain new clients and reach new markets.

Together, we’re better!

In my spare time, I fly round the block like a bee,

walk the New Forest hugging trees,

snap flowers, because that’s me,

and bake more treats than I should eat! | New Forest

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