To connect with your Spanish speaking audience, you need to speak to them in a language, format and tone of voice they understand. I help creative marketing and translation agencies and direct clients with creative translation, localisation and transcreation services from French and English into Spanish.


Professional creative Spanish translation services | Pili Rodriguez Deus

Translation generally is relaying a message from language A to B in written form in the same format, with the same purpose, for example, museum panels for informative purposes.

Professional translation for non-translators

Professional translation involves a highly complex mix of informed decisions. Professional translators decide whether a translation is appropriate for your text based on multiple factors including but not limited to:

  • the purpose of your text (informing, persuading, giving instructions)
  • the target audience (level of formality or specialisation)
  • the medium (e.g. printed, audio)
  • the genre conventions (e.g. subtitling, rental contract)

Professional translators translate meaning in context. In other words, we translate messages rather than individual words or sentences, including their apparent or hidden nuances. We decide what is relevant or not for the target culture and how to convey it in the most effective manner, something an automatic translation tool cannot do, for example, the level of specialisation, the level of formality, the best text format, the best word order, the best sentence order, the best paragraph order, the best punctuation, the idioms that best match your jokes, and even whether to translate your jokes, adapt them or omit them.

Additionally, a translator who specialises in your field will generally provide added value, because they will know your needs and your clients better: the buzzwords you use, the latest marketing trends in your niche, etc. I offer marketing and editorial translation services in the fields of food and drink, wine, travel and tourism, food tourism, wine tourism and books in my areas of specialisation, including health and wellbeing and education because of my background in education. I’m very happy to explore other fields, particularly if somehow related.

My translation services are generally charged by the word. The word rate depends on the text type, increasing with complex formats or texts that require more specialisation or more research, in line with my specialisms. You get a better service because I’m a specialist in those fields, and that adds value.

This exercise is magnificent. The text flows like a stream in the woods. It’s simple, natural, clear… Fantastic! And the contextualisations are very well thought out.

(Restaurant website localisation, tutor, Trágora Formación)


A Table in Venice cookbook | Professional Spanish localisation services

Localisation is using a regional language variant so that the translation resonates with that specific audience. Also so it is useful to them. Examples can be cookbook and website localisation.

In cookbook translation, for example, the measures, ingredients, oven temperatures and vocabulary used by Spanish speakers in the USA will be different to those used by Spanish speakers in Spain, the same as food terminology varies immensely between the UK and the US.

In website translation, as well as the localisation or adaptation of cultural elements (allusions, wordplay, colours, images), the keywords you need to use in your copy and meta data so that your audience finds you on the web will also need to be localised. That means, in this case, researched in Spanish rather than literally translated from English, then included in your copy and meta data.

Localisation services can be charged by the word or per project, the latter being usually the best.

I hired Pili to translate some pages of my website into Spanish because I was looking for a creative translator that would work with me to achieve a great result. Pili proved to be an extraordinarily detail-oriented translator. She cares about getting every aspect of your translation right and she’ll leave no stone unturned until you’re happy with the terminology choices, style and tone. I cannot recommend her highly enough and she will be my go-to translator for future projects of this kind.



Thanks to the SEO course for multilingual web localisation I completed in 2021, I can help with:

a. keyword research

b. keyword localisation

c. metadata copywriting

d. old copy optimisation

Spanish SEO translation (includes a, b and c)

SEO translation services are charged by the hour or per project.

It was a pleasure to have Pili as a student in my SEO Translation course. She was quick to understand the theory and did very well in all the assignments. Congratulations on your results! (David, AulaSic)


coffee, cake and bunch of lavender | Spanish transcreation services

Transcreating is recreating a highly-creative text for a new culture, for example, an add.

Transcreation, a type of creative translation, is attached to the translation of super creative advertising copy such as slogans, tag lines and adds where you need to elicit an emotional response from your foreign target audience so they urgently want to buy your product. The problem is your original strategies (imagery, wordplay, tone of voice) might not work for them. For that reason, your copy will often need partial or full re-writing. We could say that transcreation is a mixture of translation and copywriting that requires a translator that likes to take the initiative rather than to follow the author closely, while, of course, respecting your creative brief and your company’s policies and style.

Transcreation services are charged per project.