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Because I can help you

“If I told you that this is possibly the best translation I have received for this exercise, I would not be lying. I love how you have solved the cultural gaps, how naturally you’ve added clarification and advice; the terminology; the tone; and how you’ve renamed the paragraph titles so they make more sense -everything!” (Rosa, tutor at Trágora Formación)

Because you want a professional translation partner in your team

A partner bound by professional codes of conduct, who translates only into their mother tongue and only in fields for which they’re qualified. A member of the…

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CPD achieved logo 2022-23 | Pili Rodriguez Deus
  • First class degree (BA) in French to Spanish translation and interpreting, with a dissertation in children’s literature translation
  • Post-graduate certificate in post-compulsory education and training and 20 years Spanish teaching experience
  • Masters degree in specialised English to Spanish translation (legal, medical, technical and journalistic translation units, awarded with distinction, with a dissertation in cookbook translation
  • A hundred and eighty-hour culinary translation course
  • Forty-hour SEO translation course
  • Fifty-hour wine translation course


Liaison interpreting

between English and Spanish or English and Galician

for food and tourism events and other private meetings

Professional Spanish interpreting services
Editing photos | Professional panish translation editing and proofreading service


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