Professional Spanish interpreting services

Liaison interpreting

between English and Spanish or English and Galician

for food and tourism events and other private meetings

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Your Spanish documents, spotless

Translation specialisms

My specialisms are culinary translation (food, wine, cookbooks, food tourism) and education translation (teaching and training materials, research, presentations, etc.), based on my interests, training and experience.

I’ll happily explore anything to do with marketing, lifestyle and the environment.

I’m a member of various professional organisations; so, if you need translations in the opposite language direction, say a website translated from Spanish into French or into English, feel free to ask and I’ll see how I can help. I have in the past also helped find a translator for other Spanish variants.


I’m always on the lookout for qualified Spanish translators to collaborate with me as revisers and translators who can offer other Spanish variants, so feel free to contact me if you think we would make a good match. You need to be a member of at least one professional organisation and you need to have references and examples of your work.

Why work with me?

Pili-Rodriguez-Deus | Professional-creative-Spanish-translation

To stand out

“If I told you that this is possibly the best translation I have received for this exercise, I would not be lying. I love how you have solved the cultural gaps, how naturally you’ve added clarification and advice; the terminology; the tone; and how you’ve renamed the paragraph titles so they make more sense -everything!” (Rosa, tutor at Trágora Formación)

To have a true professional in your team

A partner bound by professional codes of conduct, who translates only into their mother tongue and only in fields for which they’re qualified. A member of the…

A partner who seeks and undertakes industry training and continues to specialise to provide the best quality Spanish translation service:

  • Forty-hour SEO translation course (2021)
  • Fifty-hour wine translation course (2021)
  • A hundred and eighty-hour culinary translation course (2019)
  • Masters degree in specialised English to Spanish translation (legal, medical, technical and journalistic translation units, 2018) awarded with distinction, with a dissertation in cookbook translation
  • Post-graduate certificate in post-compulsory education and training (2005) and 20 years Spanish teaching experience
  • First class degree (BA) in French to Spanish translation and interpreting (2000), with a dissertation in children’s literature translation

Certificates, portfolio and references available upon request.

To have a partner with the right priorities

Because shortcuts cost more in the long run. Because shortcuts can cost customers and waste work, having to redo your translations and pay twice.

Direct communication

  • To swiftly discuss and solve issues.

Readers first

  • will help you provide clear, inclusive copy, backed up by twenty years working with people of all ages and backgrounds, considering individual reading, learning and cultural needs.


  • If you work hard to make your business succeed and have spent years learning your trade and developing your business, you will know the difference in cost and time between a cheap and a signature bottle of wine. I concentrate on quality, because there’s a lot more enjoyment involved. And if quality is what you’re after, we can talk!

Quality and creativity at the forefront

  • will never trade quality and creativity for fast, yet stilted, post-edited machine translation. Good things come to those who wait to get the best quality content for their business.

New to translation?

Professional translation involves a highly complex cocktail of informed decisions, something an untrained translator cannot offer.

Professional translators base those decisions on a range of factors, not limited to:

  • the purpose of your text (informing, persuading, giving instructions)
  • the target audience (specialisation, age, implied knowledge)
  • the communication route (printed, audio, tv)
  • the text genre conventions (subtitling, rental contract, cookbook)
Photo of Picasson's genious hands portrait | Professional creative Spanish translation services by Pili Rodriguez Deus
Picasso’s genius hands, photo from an exhibition in London

They translate meaning in context: messages, not individual words or sentences, including their hidden nuances. They decide the level of specialisation and formality; the best text format/word order/sentence order/paragraph order/punctuation; the target idioms that best match yours; whether to translate your jokes, adapt or omit them. In conclusion, not something any translation engine nor aficionado can do.

Translators who specialise in your field bring added value. They know your business and your clients better: the buzzwords you use, the marketing trends in your niche and so on. They make less mistakes, because they know what they are doing, which saves you money.