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Translation of an American cookbook into Spanish

Out soon a creative and educational book to savour recipe by recipe.

Want a successful cookbook translation? Here’s how

Guest post for cookbook authors on Dianne Jacob’s blog. Diane is the author of Will Write for Food and a judge for the James Beard Foundation cookbook awards.

Screenshot of the article Want a Successful Cookbook Translation? Here's How | A guest post by Pili Rodriguez Deus for Dianne Jacobs's blog for cookbook authors

Want feedback about your cookbook or recipe? Need a hand promoting it in Spanish? Need a specialised cookbook translator? Get in touch


Translation of a book on human design: American English to Spanish

Helping make complex disciplines understood in more languages.

Localisation of blog posts for FMCG food brand: British English to Spanish

Enjoying a berry smoothie | Blog post localisation into Spanish
Promoting your products in the Spanish market.

Bilingual editing of museum copy: British English to Spanish

Collab with boutique agency

Bilingual editing of product descriptions: British English to Spanish

Collab with boutique agency

Bilingual editing of tourism leaflets: British English to Spanish

Salisbury-cathedral | Spanish tourism translation
Salisbury cathedral by Matthew Gibson on Canva. Ensuring museum copy reads well and is appropriate for the target reader.

Liaison interpreting: English to Spanish & Spanish to English

married couple walking on the beach | Spanish interpreting services
Helping people’s dreams come true

Localisation and transcreation of translator’s web pages: British English to Spanish

Tranix Translation & Editing Services website screenshot | Spanish website localisation services
Helping small businesses reach more customers in their language to build trust

Translation of corporate communications for charities: British English to Spanish

Banana Link web screenshot | Spanish translation service for corporate communications
Helping change lives for the better