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“Where honesty and quality rule.”

— Pili Rodríguez Deus, creative English and French to Spanish translator, CEO at


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Translation services

Creative Spanish translation, from English and French to Spanish, tailored to your business, your purpose and your voice.

Professional Spanish interpreting services

Interpreting services

Liaison interpreting between English and Spanish or English and Galician for business and personal meetings. Interpreting for food fairs, food conferences, and tourism events.

Editing photos | Professional panish translation editing and proofreading service

Proofreading services

Painstaking proofreading of your Spanish materials or documents to present you in the best light.

Professional food and drink translation | solar-cooker-Chile

Food & drink translation

Mouth-watering copy to sell your food and drink products and services to discerning Spanish stomachs.


Fiesta in Parinacota, Chile | Creative Spanish tourism translation services

Travel and tourism translation

Creative informative Spanish translations that promote your regional tourism and food tourism services among Spanish visitors.

Viña Aquitania, Chile | professional Spanish translation services for the wine industry

Wine translation

Delectable but not drinkable copy that sells your wine region, vineyard and special wines to Spanish wine lovers, as well as your wine tourism activities.

gluten free cookbooks | professional Spanish book translation

Book translation

Your unique voice and talent in Spanish for blogs, booklets, cookbooks, textbooks, children’s books, travel books, tourism guides, research papers.

Food history, food styling, women’s health, children’s health, anthropology, psychology.

Spanish marketing translation services

Marketing translation

Spanish marketing translation in other areas. Ask to see if we would make a good match or if I can point you to another professional translator.


Will help you stand out from the crowd

I would not be lying if I told you that this is possibly the best translation I have received for this exercise. I love how you have solved the cultural gaps, how naturally you’ve added clarification and advice; the terminology; the tone; and how you’ve renamed the paragraph titles so they make more sense -everything! (Rosa, Trágora Formación)

A lot more than a native Spanish translator

Found a lot more!

  • a native Spanish speaker, a specialised translator, a professional interpreter, someone with twenty+ years experience juggling two cultures (the British and the Spanish) and forty+ years experience juggling two native languages (Spanish and Galician)

A Spanish translator and trainer you can trust

  • first class degree (BA) in French to Spanish translation and interpreting, masters degree with distinction in English to Spanish translation, post-graduate certificate in post-compulsory education and training, qualified teacher status for secondary schools, and 20 years teaching experience, explaining Spanish culture, correcting Spanish language, enabling people to experience the Hispanic world first-hand using their new knowledge and skills

A true specialist translator

  • 180-hour culinary translation course, 50-hour wine translation course, and 40-hour SEO translation course

A true professional

True professionals respect professional codes of conduct, for example, translating only into their mother tongue and only what they feel qualified to translate, like myself.

True professionals never stop learning because knowledge, trends and technology move on. I’m a member of:

CPD achieved logo for 2021-22

I attend interesting CPD events organised by my professional networks and continue to hone my business and translation craft.

I also undertake “external” training. For example, I attended the 2021 FoodTrex Global Summit on Sustainability in Food and Beverage Tourism, combining two of my specialisms: food and tourism. In 2021, I gained two new specialisms: wine and SEO translation. Wine, to complement food translation services and because wine making and wine language are fascinating; SEO translation to add value by offering optimised web content in Spanish for your blog and webpages. I have a portfolio of relevant translations that you can see on demand.

Finally, I help curate the ITI Food and Drink Twitter account.


Quality all around

Like Michelin dishes, both creative and specialised translations take time to research, twist and perfect so they end up with the perfect flavour for your company and the right tone for your Spanish audience. A daily mega-pill of quality keeps your and, importantly, my headaches at bay.

Equality of access

Your current and prospective customers are learning about you, your products, and your services. I can marry compelling with accessible and inclusive. Twenty years of teaching experience working with learners of diverse ages, social, national and educational backgrounds increased my awareness of and knowledge about individual needs.


A huge part of your project’s success is good communication, which is why I need a detailed brief with your brand’s voice, buyer persona, style guide if you have one, and anything that might help me understand exactly your needs and aims. The broken telephone will not change your messages: we’ll ensure we’re on the same page.

A discerning mind

When a rule or custom is unfit for purpose, I’m happy to ignore it, not something all translators are happy to do. For example, not all spelling rules benefit food writing and readability.

They will tell you that translated texts should sound as if written in Spanish. True, but also simplistic. Borrowing ideas from other cultures has historically been a clever business move. An example would be borrowing a new text format or a smarter way of writing. While this needs to be considered case by case, I’m here to help you be the difference.

A discerning service

When the person who would be my MA dissertation supervisor recommended I write a dissertation about translation quality assurance, it was for a good reason, even if I turned the opportunity down. I’m good at seeing how things can be improved, and I have a teacher’s heart: I like to help people become their better self. So, count on me to be your helpful critic, because your success is my success.