Spanish translation services for academics and researchers

Perhaps you write about nutrition, food or food history and want to translate your research into Spanish for an international magazine, food journal or government publication?

Perhaps you have a book deal for your research and want to explore translation with your publisher?

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Trained to MA level, with a BA and MA in translation, and specialised in culinary translation, I also offer professional English to Spanish and French to Spanish translation services for food literature, including academic papers and books.

Benefit from:

  • the teaching and writing skills of a trained and experienced teacher
  • the skills of a trained culinary translator
  • the skills of a trained wine translator
  • the interest of someone specialised in your area


Scientific paper on fish

Your research skills are superb and you made the text very easy to follow and understand. You understood every detail and rendered it precisely and gracefully. (culinary translation tutor)

Literary essay on British food

I can see that you’re immersed in British culture: you nailed all the subtleties. I usually have to explain the history of this dish to each student, not this time. And I always learn so much from you. (culinary translation tutor)