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Measurement conversions

You’ve nailed the conversions. Congratulations!

Recipe translation

The translation of recipes is obviously your thing. Great precision, and I love how you have solved the cultural gaps, naturally added clarification and advice and how you’ve renamed the sections so they’re easier to understand, the terminology, the tone, everything.

(Rosa, culinary translation tutor for both)

Let me translate your recipes into Spanish

Are you a food blogger, recipe developer or chef?

Perhaps you want to translate some recipes and put them on your restaurant’s website or blog, or directly hand them out them to foreign diners so they can reminisce about the experience they had with you, and so they promote you to their family and friends.

Or perhaps you want to license or sell some of your recipes to an international food magazine, a renowned food blog or an appliance manufacturer.

I can hep you, because…

Recipe extract from cookbook | Specialist recipe translation services

Recipe translation is not a piece of cake…

Among the factors to consider before translating a recipe are:

cultural differences

  • the format in which to present the recipe, which varies across countries
  • measurement conversions e.g. imperial to metric
  • oven temperature conversions e.g. fan (convection) to conventional
  • ingredients that might not exist in other countries or might be difficult to source
  • cooking implements that do not exist in other countries
  • cooking methods that are specific to your country

readers’ needs

  • the clarity of instructions
  • prior culinary and cultural knowledge
  • vocabulary for ingredients, which varies across regions
  • vocabulary for meat cuts, which varies across regions (as cuts do)

your style

  • last but not least, your personal signature and voice

That’s where the combo of a creative translator who’s a trained culinary translator, an experienced teacher, and a cookbook addict who can put your recipes to the test if necessary, becomes invaluable.

Let’s make your recipes work for your Spanish audience!