Professional English and French into Spanish book translation services

Cookery books

Are you a publisher or an author looking for a creative Spanish translator or perhaps a culinary school who needs their teaching materials translated into Spanish? Why not work with someone who spent months researching the history of cookbooks and the cultural and technical challenges of translating the modern mixed-genre cookbook as well as 180+ hours studying culinary translation; time learning all about chocolate history, production and health benefits in a chocolate monographic course; and currently studying the intricacies of wine production and tasting?


Health and wellness

Do you need to make your health and wellness materials understandable while appealing in Spanish? I have a distinction in both medical and journalistic translation.

Hand holding fresh raspberries | Spanish health and wellness translation services

Education and training

Looking for a highly-experienced educator to translate your English or French education and training materials into clear and engaging Spanish?

Young girl doing homework | Education and training translation services

Recent book translation CPD

While my current specialisms are food, nutrition and education and training, I would also love to translate children’s books. This is my relevant CPD.

  • “Translating children’s literature” (ITI Scottish Network), fascinating talks by Gemma Alonso, the translator of a new version of Alice in Wonderland into Spanish, and Guy Puzey, the translator of Norwegian author Maria Parr. Many interesting issues were addressed, from the translation of nonsense and plays on words (Alonso) to the translation of swear words and cultural references, including vaccinations (Puzey).
  • “Writing and Translating: a happy symbiosis” (ITI), a fascinating interview about the collaboration between writer Aletta Stevens and her translator Meritha Paul Van Voorden and about how Aletta, also a translator, got into writing.
  • “Get into book publishing” (New Writing North) where I learnt about publishing trends in the UK, some differences between publishing divisions, book proposals, a book’s life cycle from idea conception to publishing and marketing, and the roles of each person involved in the process, from editorial and production assistants to book commissioners and sales managers.