Cookbook translation and proofreading


English and French to Spanish

Are you a publisher or editor looking for a professional Spanish translator for your next cookbook deal? Work with a translator who is specialised, and experienced, in culinary and cookbook translation. Continue reading.

Health and Wellness translation

Hand holding fresh raspberries | Spanish health and wellness translation services

Do you have an English or French blog or book about health and wellness? Would you like to reach a wider audience? Do you want a compelling and easy-to-understand Spanish translation? Let’s talk.


This is an extremely successful assessment. Your translation reads like an original.

(Patient leaflet, translation assessment for my MA in Translation)


You need to tell me how you researched this text, because it’s incredible how well you did it.

(Scientific article, culinary translation course)

Examples of translations done

  • nutrition blog posts
  • patient information leaflets
  • mental health training manual
  • game to teach children about COVID-19
  • advice for the general public regarding COVID-19
  • hospital reports for a travel insurance claim

Education and E-learning translation

Young girl doing homework | Education and training translation services

Are you a publisher, education or e-learning provider looking for a French or English into Spanish professional translator? With 20+ years of experience as a Spanish language educator, I know about the importance of presenting information effectively.

Are you a British or French culinary or wine school? Do you want to translate your teaching and learning materials into Spanish to reach more customers? I’m a trained and experienced educator, also specialised in culinary and wine translation, and will be delighted to help you. Let’s talk!

Examples of translations done

  • community action guides
  • course descriptions for a bilingual school
  • kid’s games
  • kid’s posters
  • lesson plans and learning activities
  • research papers
  • training manuals
  • short stories for a course