Cookbook translation

Health and wellness translation

Education and training translation

  • Clear and vibrant Spanish translations for health and wellbeing, food and drink, nutrition and lifestyle: cookbooks, books, magazines. I’m also very interested in food styling; gardening and home design; psychology; and women’s health, particularly fertility issues; and migration and diaspora in general and, especially, about culinary transmission.
  • Clear and accurate Spanish translations of educational and research material for your course learners or for publication. For publishers; for private businesses such as culinary and language schools; and for conference speakers attending international conferences.

Book translation CPD

  • “Writing and Translating: a happy symbiosis” (ITI), a fascinating interview about the collaboration between writer Aletta Stevens and her translator Meritha Paul Van Voorden and about how Aletta, also a translator, got into writing.
  • “Get into book publishing” (New Writing North and the Printing Charity) where I learnt about publishing trends in the UK, some differences between publishing divisions, book proposals, a book’s life cycle from idea conception to publishing and marketing, and the roles of each person involved in the process, from editorial and production assistants to book commissioners and sales managers.

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