Professional culinary translation services for the food, beverages and hospitality industries French and English to Spanish translation

Reasons to work with a specialist

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Home cooks and Michelin chefs don’t have the same knowledge, training and skills. Translations by non-specialists can cost you an arm and a leg. Imagine having to revise and reprint a whole cookbook, like the publishers of Ottolenghi’s Sweet.

What makes a culinary translator?

Specialist training = specialist knowledge and skills

  • 40-hour course on p√Ętisserie translation, completed with distinction
  • 180-hour course on culinary translation, completed with distinction
  • 50-hour course on wine translation, completed with distinction
  • short monographic courses about tea, chocolate, olive oil, protocol and the history of cookbooks
  • mooc about the history of food styling in both cookbooks and restaurants
  • webinar about culinary text editing
  • a distinction for my research on cookbook translation
  • a whole published cookbook translated
  • 80-hour course on professional proofreading

Relevant experience = honed specialist skills

Inquisitive and keeping informed = knows your world better

Fully or partially attended the following food-related events:

  • Feminas 2021: 1st international congress on women and gastronomy in rural areas
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