Professional translation services

for the food, beverages and hospitality industries

French and English to Spanish

Culinary translation services

professional cookbook translation services | French cookbooks on the table

Cookbook translation

I promise I can convey your individual voice in Spanish and make your recipes and culture accessible to a Spanish audience.

Recipe extract from cookbook | Specialist recipe translation services

Recipe translation

I promise I can professionally translate your recipes, using all the ingredients to make them clear and practical for your Spanish readers.

Reading the menu at the restaurant | Reading the menu | Professional menu translation services

Website and menu translation

I promise I’ll make you come across in the best light to Spanish audiences.

I’ll ensure your diners know what they’re eating without sacrificing your menu’s style.

bean-to-bar-chocolate | food marketing Spanish translation services

Food marketing translation

I promise I’ll entice your potential Spanish customers to buy your products.

Food label translation services | translation on organic product packaging

Food label translation

I promise I’ll provide idiomatic and clear translations of your labels and comply with labelling legislation.

Turning the Tables conference | Food research translation services

Food research translation

I promise I’ll spread the word about your food-related findings in clear Spanish.

Why a specialist?

Home cooks and Michelin chefs don’t have the same knowledge and training. A native speaker without translation training, and even a non-specialised translator, could cost you more in the long run. Ask the publishers of Sweet by Ottolenghi.

Kitchen bells | Beaulieu Palace House | professional culinary translation

Why me?

A safe option

Trained in culinary and wine translation by experts; translated a wide range of culinary and wine texts; feedback and portfolio for your peace of mind; specialist editing skills for culinary texts; specialist SEO translation skills so you can be found on the world wide web

3-month culinary translation course, 5-week wine translation course, monographic courses about tea, chocolate, protocol and the history of cookbooks, mooc about the history of food styling in cookbooks and restaurants, webinar about culinary text editing, and a distinction for my research and translation of a substantial sample of an American cookbook

Committed to learning about your business

Gastronomic events I attend provide a close grasp of the challenges restaurateurs, winemakers and tourism businesses face, and their sector trends. Attended:

  • The Future of Wine 2020 | Eating the Gap 2020 | Encuentro de los Mares 2020: sustainability in wine, food and fishing
  • Gastronomika Live 2020 | Turning the Tables 2020: the future of restaurants

Spanish translation services for the travel and tourism industry

Spanish book translation services for publishers and authors