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Professional Spanish food and drink translation

About professional culinary translation

Kitchen bells | Beaulieu Palace House
Professional culinary translation

Food translation is often left to non-specialists. Big mishaps, like Sweet by Ottolenghi having to be fully revised and reprinted because all the temperatures were wrong, make the news. Small business disasters might not make headlines, but their consequences can be a lot more damaging than innocent giggles.

A professional culinary translator will be conversant with their and your culinary culture as well as with the latest eating, dining and food marketing trends and guidelines.

As a professional culinary translator I charge per project because menus, websites and other marketing collateral needs thoughtful time-consuming translation.

I will

  • take time to analyse your profile and copy so as to adapt my translation strategies to your needs
  • undertake painstaking research to ensure the correct use of terms for your specific product and audience
  • liaise with you to resolve doubts and confirm important decisions.
  • continue to work with you so that you get a consistent service and so that we benefit from knowing each other well
  • be happy to make suggestions
  • be happy to be different: innovation is key to success

Having trained in culinary translation, I’m familiar with different culinary audiences. To specialise in culinary translation, I started by researching food and cookbook translation for my MA Translation dissertation. I then completed a three-month culinary translation course where I translated a wide range of culinary texts and received expert and extensive feedback. Finally, as web translation makes a big part of marketing, I successfully completed a course in SEO translation. Currently, I’m learning about wine translation.

Culinary roots

I got into foreign foods early on hearing my mother’s memories of Uruguayan foods and, later, au-pairing in France and the UK. I grew up hearing tales of tarta pascualina, matambre and pizza fain√°, even if I did not taste some of them until 2006, when I visited in person.

Culinary translation qualifications

  • 3-month professional course on culinary translation
  • monographic course about chocolate
  • mooc from FunMooc about the history of food styling in restaurants and cookbooks

Culinary CPD

Culinary translation CPD | Taking notes

I follow the world of food and drink to understand the challenges you and your customers face and learn about trends surrounding your business. I read specialist press and attend specialist events. 2020 was particularly busy.


Sustainability in food and beverage tourismFoodTrex Global Summit


Sustainability in wine, food and fishingThe Future of Wine, Eating the Gap, Encuentro de los mares
The future of restaurantsGastronomika Live, Turning the Tables
Food and disruption: what shall we eat tomorrow?Dublin Gastronomy Symposium 2020

Cookbook and recipe translation services

It takes years to write a cookbook and recipes can take a long time to develop. If you wish your lovingly crafted cookbook or recipes to reach Spanish readers and markets, I have the passion, creativity and training to help you. Below you’ll find professional, and wonderful, feedback I’ve received.

Ingredient list | Recipe translation services

Food glossary compilation

I love all the entries you added and how detailed they are. I have nothing to correct!

Cookbook translation

The translation is excellent. The section on how to translate a hybrid text is well-researched and covers a lot of ground. A very thorough approach to pragmatic research was demonstrated through consultation of parallel texts and TV shows.

Recipe translation

You’ve nailed the conversions. Congratulations!

Recipe translation

The translation of recipes is obviously your thing. Great precision and I love how you have solved the cultural gaps, naturally added clarification and advice and how you’ve renamed the sections so they’re easier to understand; the terminology, the tone, everything.

Food marketing translation services

Whether a marketing or translation agency, a small or a big brand, let me spread the word about your products, or your clients’ in Spanish, with convincing copy. But don’t take my word for it.

bean-to-bar-chocolate | food product marketing

Luxury food and drink marketing

You’ve nailed the terminology and used the tone. It’s a convincing text that really makes you want to buy the products, particularly the vinegar.

Food and drink product reviews

I’ve said it before, you should go into transcreation, a style that suits you to a T. You really make the reader want to buy the product. Ten kilos of…, please!

Food and drink advertising

I loved your reflections on the Danone add and I think you nailed the audience.

Food and drink copywriting

Wonderful. I love how you have combined the culinary and health properties, resulting in a well-rounded article.

Food business marketing translation services

You’ve made a name for yourself in your country and now you want to reach new clients and expand onto new markets? Perhaps you need a translator who’s been fully immersed in British culture for twenty years and in Spanish culture for twenty plus, someone who will convey the warmth of your British pub, the approachability of your Michelin-starred restaurant, the quirks of your super creative press reviews or the poetry of your menus to Spanish readers? Someone familiar with current food marketing trends?

Restaurant table | Spanish marketing for restaurants
Restaurant marketing services

Pub menu translation

This is a difficult translation that includes very British concepts, but you rendered the essence of each dish and made their contents clear. I can feel the warmth of a British pub with its tasty and hearty food.

Creative tearoom menu translation

Reading you is a pleasure. The translation is poetic, sensual and creative. You also know your specialised terms and have chosen them very well. Delicious!

Professional restaurant review

This is a very difficult text to understand and, I think, this is the first time someone understands this sentence and translates it properly keeping all the sense, tone of voice, style, everything. Excellent translation of the dish names and descriptions.

Restaurant website localisation

This text is wonderful: simple, calm, warm, approachable. The contextualisations are brief and appropriate and the text flows like a stream in the woods.

Food research and literature translation

Would you like your latest food research to reach the wide Spanish community? I can translate food literature, including academic papers and books and I will never accept projects that are way over my head, which is different to not welcoming an interesting challenge.

Food research and food literature Spanish translation services

Scientific research translation

Your research skills are superb and you made the text very easy to follow and assimilate. You understood every detail and rendered it with precision and gracefully. Not sure I can teach you a lot more!

George Orwell essay translation

It comes across that you’re fully immersed in British culture: you nailed all the subtleties. I usually have to explain the history of this dish to every student, but it was unnecessary, and I always learn so much from you.

Food label translation services

Don’t let your amateur linguist friend or a company who uses non-native speakers translate your food labels! You need a professional to cover your back and save your reputation.

Nutritional and allergen information in food labels depends on national labelling laws. Failing to respect them can have serious health consequences.

You also need your translated copy to sound as idiomatic and reliable as your original copy, unlike this example.

The history of [product] is the history of our family. Since the farthest generations we have bred our pigs and produced salamis following the most antique butchery Italian tradition. Since [date] we are also pioneers of organic products with […] line… This is the first real line of organic salamis. It is gluten free and without milk derivates. [… ] line is based on the organic breeding, respecting the life quality of the animals that live in wide open spaces. (found on packaging for delicious organic ham with truffles)

You care about your reputation and the finer details: you need a professional culinary translator.

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