Finding a webpage that is not optimised is like finding a needle in a haystack. You spend your money on the most beautiful translation, but, if your webpage or post does not include the right keywords or queries your prospective clients are using to find you, you’ll be invisible.

Thanks to the SEO course for multilingual web localisation I completed in 2021, I now can:

  • conduct keyword research in Spanish for you,
  • present a list of researched keywords with relevant data so you can decide,
  • combine my keyword research with the translation of your copy into Spanish, and
  • write your metadata directly in Spanish implementing the relevant keywords in the correct format

OR otherwise

  • localise a list of keywords already researched by you into Spanish (which is not the same as simply translating them into Spanish, because that won’t often work)
  • optimise old Spanish copy you may have

Generally, the best option is for me to do both the keyword research and the translation, but, if you have an SEO expert in your team, I can localise the keywords provided by them and then implement them in the translation, and it’s a great opportunity to learn from their input.

How much does it cost?

SEO translation services are charged by the hour or per project and reflect the knowledge and tools required. If you already use a good quality keyword research tool and can grant access, you’ll pay for the research and translation time only.


It was a pleasure to have Pili as a student in my SEO Translation course. She was quick to understand the theory and did very well in all the assignments. Congratulations on your results!

David, AulaSic tutor