Finding a webpage that is not optimised in the world WIDE web is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack! Pay for the most beautiful translation, if your web content does not contain the right keywords or phrases that your prospective clients are using to search for services or products similar to yours, they won’t find you.

Thanks to the SEO course for multilingual web localisation I completed in 2021, and the regular work I’ve done since for agencies and other partners, I can:

  • conduct keyword research in Spanish for you or otherwise tell you if your chosen keywords (if you have researched them yourself) are idiomatic or need to be corrected,
  • combine keyword research and the translation of your copy into Spanish,
  • translate your metadata to Spanish or write it directly in Spanish implementing the relevant keywords,
  • optimise old Spanish copy you may have on your website. Bear in mind that this option can turn out to be quite time consuming, particularly when the translations have not been done by a native speaker and, therefore, can require a full re-write or heavy redrafting.

How much do Spanish SEO translations cost?

SEO translation services are charged per hour or project.


It was a pleasure to have Pili as a student in my SEO Translation course. She was quick to understand the theory and did very well in all the assignments. Congratulations on your results!

David, SEO translation tutor at AulaSic

Would you like to discuss your case?

If not for me, I can refer you to a relevant colleague or translation agency or, depending on the case, work in collaboration with them to help you. Get in touch today.