Newly weds being showered in confetti  | English to Spanish and Spanish to English interpreter based in Southampton (UK)

Professional Spanish interpreting services

Are you looking for a trained interpreter for a public service appointment or a business meeting? I have what you need: I offer liaison interpreting between English and Spanish (or English and Galician) for business or other purposes. Spanish and Galician are my mother tongues and I speak both regularly.

Regarding British English, I’ve lived in the UK for twenty years and I’m familiar with a variety of accents having worked with a wide range of people as a teacher (I’m still trying to crack the difficult Northern Irish accent of my in-laws, though!). I’ve also experienced other English accents such as Canadian, Kiwi and Australian travelling and sharing a house in my younger years.

I can offer French for the right assignment; French is, in fact, the language in which I trained in my twenties.

Types of specialist interpreting services

I hold a BA in Translation and Interpreting and trained in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. I’m currently based in Southampton (UK).

Liaison interpreting

Person A says a couple of sentences, the interpreter reproduces them when they stop speaking. Person B says a couple of sentences, the interpreter reproduces them. Useful for one-to-one appointments and business meetings.

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter relays your message as you speak, a sentence or two behind.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter takes notes as you speak, say for 10 minutes, then reproduces them in Spanish.


Pili was a joy to work with. Her excellent English and Spanish translation skills enabled my wife and registrar to follow everything that was said during a meeting where we were giving our notice of marriage. She was able to attend the appointment on such short notice and followed up afterward to ensure everything was understood. I recommend Pili because she’s professional, delivers and follows up.
(Michael Barber, Senior Associate at J.P. Morgan)