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Professional Spanish liaison interpreting services

Are you looking for a professional Spanish interpreter for a public service appointment or a business meeting or event?

I offer liaison interpreting between English and Spanish (or English and Galician) for business and other purposes. Liaison interpreting sits in between simultaneous and consecutive interpreting and is useful for one-to-one appointments and business meetings. Basically, I talk after you, but there’s no (or not much) note taking, contrary to consecutive interpreting, because the extracts are shorter.

I may offer remote interpreting in future, but I currently only offer in-person services.

Why me?

I hold a BA in Translation and Interpreting and trained in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. I’m currently based in Lugo, Galicia, Spain and speak both Galician and Spanish if you’re travelling to the region. Spanish and Galician are my mother tongues and I speak both regularly.

I lived in the UK for over 20 years, so my understanding of spoken English is superior to that of someone who hasn’t. I’m familiar with a variety of accents having worked with a very wide range of people in teaching. I also have experience of Canadian, Kiwi and Australian English accents having travelled in those countries or shared a house with those nationals.

I can offer French for the right assignment, French being the language in which I trained in my twenties, although I now have more experience with English.


Pili was a joy to work with. Her excellent English and Spanish translation skills enabled my wife and registrar to follow everything that was said during a meeting where we were giving our notice of marriage. She was able to attend the appointment on such short notice and followed up afterward to ensure everything was understood. I recommend Pili because she’s professional, delivers and follows up.
(Michael Barber, Senior Associate at J.P. Morgan)

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