Spanish translation services

I offer very high quality Spanish (Spain) translation and localisation services in the fields of marketing and publishing; the relevant pages are signposted below. I have a particular affinity for creative texts and can help translation agencies with transcreation. I plan to further specialise in this area. Meanwhile, here are a few definitions for those who need them.

Translation means relaying messages in written form from one language to another. The key fact to remember is that we are not translating word-for-word, or individual words away from context. For that reason, discerning humans who understand translation are needed.

Messages may, for example, include subtext; allusions; humour; cultural references that don’t have an equivalent in the other culture or, if there is something similar, it is only partially equivalent; etc.

Professional human translators can discern whether a translation is appropriate based on the purpose and audience of your text. For example, we can informedly decide what tone to use (friendly or formal); what language variety (Spain or Latin America); what professional register (plain language or specialist language), etc., etc. We can decide on different translation techniques depending on the situation, for example, whether to use an equivalent term to the original, a close equivalent, an explanation, and endless other techniques learnt in translation school. For example, in some cases you could leave out a pun, in others it would be important to keep it by reproducing it or adapting it somehow.

Localisation means using the right language variant, say Spanish from Spain, so that both the language and cultural references appeal to our target audience. This is used, for example, in website translation. Imagine you translate your Spanish website for the UK, but it’s full of American English and American puns; it probably would not work.

Transcreation is a very creative type of translation, sometimes re-writing, needed for advertising copy, such as slogans, when you want to make the audience buy your product. In this case, very subtle subliminal messages are used, and the imagery and tone of your original add or slogan often needs to be adapted; in fact, the whole add may need re-writing.


You should look into transcreation. What an exercise! I loved it. I think you’re a natural in this style and, without doubt, you really make people want to buy the product. You convince every one. I’ll have 10 kilos of…., please. (Blog article translation for my culinary translation course.)

This exercise is magnificent. The text flows like a stream in the woods. It’s simple, natural, clear… Fantastic! And the contextualisations are very well thought out. (restaurant website localisation)

It’s clear that you like this type of text, what a pleasure reading you! I loved your proposal and you must be really proud because not everyone is as gifted as you playing with vocabulary. (creative menu translation)

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