Consecutive interpreting at a registry office

Language: English to Spanish and vice versa

It was Michael’s happiness that was at stake. He and his Latin American fiancée found out at the last minute that they needed an interpreter to give notice of marriage at Southampton’s registry office. Michael called me the night before and so I did a bit of prep thinking of the vocabulary that could come up. As a trained consecutive and simultaneous interpreter, I was overjoyed to be able to help, especially as I had been myself through a notice of marriage just a few months before in the same office!

Newly weds on the beach | professional English to Spanish and Spanish to English interpreting services in the UK and Spain

Michael’s feedback:

“Pili was a joy to work with. Her excellent English and Spanish translation skills enabled my wife and registrar to follow everything that was said during a meeting where we were giving our notice of marriage. She was able to attend the appointment on such short notice and followed up afterward to ensure everything was understood. I recommend Pili because she’s professional, delivers and follows up.” (Michael Barber)

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