Are you a cookbook author, cookbook editor or cookbook publisher looking for a Spanish translator who will faithfully convey your or your author’s voice and style while applying the appropriate format or content adaptations to help your new Spanish audience? I work from French and English into Spanish (Spain variant) and have a varied culinary translation portfolio that includes recipe translation, cookbook translation, menu translation, culinary journalism translation, academic research translation, food blog translation and food marketing translations. I also write my own blog on food-related matters.

Cookbook translation experience

Translated 6000 words of an American cookbook (French author) from English and French into Spanish for my MA in Translation Studies dissertation. Researched and discussed the translation of mixed-genre cookbooks, from how to deal with culture-specific items and genre conventions to how to represent the author’s voice, the latter being my focal point in this case. Obtained a distinction for my research and translation. Read more about my dissertation, cookbook and recipe translation on my food translation blog.


The translation is excellent needing some minor proofreading. The section on how to translate a hybrid text is well-researched and covers a lot of ground. A very thorough approach to pragmatic research was demonstrated through consultation of parallel texts and TV shows. (MA tutors)

Culinary translation experience

Soon after my MA, I completed a 3-month specialisation course in gastronomy translation, followed by a course in wine translation more recently and monographic courses about chocolate, the history of cookbooks, and others in the pipeline. See feedback on my food translations under food and drink translation services and portfolio.


After revising several of Pili’s translations, I can certify that she is a true professional. She is punctual and meticulous; she conducts in-depth research (a must in culinary translation); she incorporates additional information to fill cultural gaps; and she adapts to the particular demands of each text. Her bilingualism is another great asset as she has a perfect command of the Spanish and British languages and cultures. This is crucial when translating culinary texts, because cultural-specific concepts crop up that are extremely difficult to transfer from one language to another. But, thanks to her cultural and linguistic expertise, Pili easily surmounts this obstacle, producing texts that are natural, easy to read and easy to understand. She is also responsible, friendly, courteous and diligent. I have no hesitation in recommending her work and I myself will be counting on her for future needs. I’d be delighted to speak to you if you need further details. (Rosa – Trágora Formación)