Are you a cookbook author, cookbook editor or cookbook publisher looking for a Spanish translator who will faithfully convey your or your author’s voice and style while applying the appropriate format and/or content adaptations to serve your new Spanish audience?

Cookbook translation experience

Translated 6000 words of an American cookbook for my MA in Translation Studies dissertation at the University of Portsmouth. Researched for nine months and discussed the translation of mixed-genre cookbooks, from how to deal with culture-specific items and genre conventions to how to represent the author’s voice, the latter being my focal point.

TitleForeignisation: the icing on the cake?
CorpusLa Tartine Gourmande, Béatrice Peltre
Hybrid dissertationtranslation/essay/commentary (15,000 words)
– 6,000-word translation
– a detailed book/author profiling
– a critical review of relevant academic literature
– a translation commentary backed up by research
My dissertation research


The translation is excellent needing some minor proofreading. The section on how to translate a hybrid text is well-researched and covers a lot of ground. A very thorough approach to pragmatic research was demonstrated through consultation of parallel texts and TV shows. 

Next steps