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Why translate tourist information

“Beautiful hotel in a beautiful setting. Would have been a 5/5 review but we weren’t informed all the tours of the vineyard were only in Spanish (part of the deal). All information in the room was also in Spanish. […] Despite our lack of ability to speak Spanish we had a great time and the staff were friendly and helpful.”

The clients of a this 5* Spanish spa hotel and vineyard would have left a 10/10 score had the hotel and tour information been in a language they could understand. Let’s reach that elusive 10/10 and be remembered for going the extra mile with professional translations.

Not all tourists are language specialists

As a translator and language teacher I love immersing myself in another language. That is, when I travel to countries whose language I understand. Were I travelling to China, Japan or Russia, to name but a few, I would be lost and I would not know what was on the menu or what any signs said. A bad translation would be more useful than no translation, but risky. That’s how your visitors feel if you don’t provide professional translation in their language.

New-Forest-poney-Lyndhurst | Spanish travel and tourism translation services

As a visitor, I would appreciate this being done professionally, because most menu translations are of very poor quality. This is particularly important for visitors with food allergies, and for those with ethical or cultural dietary preferences or rules, such as vegans and muslims, but also for the rest of tourists.

It’s not just food, tourists love to hear anecdotes about your culture and learn about its history. You don’t get that from observation. So, let me professionally translate into clear and inviting Spanish your website, blog posts, reviews, brochures, catalogues, leaflets, rental information, etc.

Information can be overwhelming

English and French to Spanish translation services for the travel and tourism industries | New-Forest-donkey

As an experienced Spanish teacher, I translate information using clear, well-organised Spanish copy to offer museum and information centre visitors the best learning experience. They’ll love you all the more.

Why work with me

Translations you can trust

domestic Chilean llama | Spanish translation services for the travel and tourism industry

To understand your business and your market, and be able to really speak to your customers, I started by attending the 2021 FoodTrex Global Summit on Sustainability in Food and Beverage Tourism where I learnt about potential tourism niches and marketing techniques.

Topics I heard about: gastro-diplomacy and the potential of the Muslim tourist; the difficulties in marketing local food to the average tourist; how food festivals can nurture local food systems; how to cater for special diets in destination marketing; the design of food experiences in world cities; and whether food service outlets can ever be plastic-free.

Translations that are the difference

Atacama desert | Creative tourism translation services from English to Spanish
  • idiomatic copy resonates with your new Spanish audience
  • subtle nuances are preserved
  • cultural gaps are bridged
  • tone of voice is carefully studied
  • information is clearly presented

Please don’t take my word for it!

“This is brilliant. I think all the alterations you made make it read much better.” George, tour guide

“Usually I have to explain to students the history of [traditional British dish] with an article that helps understand its history and evolution. Not this time!” Rosa, tutor.

“I love how naturally you’ve added clarification and advice, the terminology, the tone, and how you’ve renamed the paragraph titles so they make more sense – everything.” Rosa, tutor.

Food tourism experiences

Professional food and drink translation | solar-cooker-Chile
Solar cooker, Elqui Valley

Brought up in Galicia, north west Spain, I’ve now spent half my life in the UK. I’ve visited various Latin American countries and Spanish cities outside my region, each with their cuisine. I’ve been to France, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal and Brazil.

English to Spanish translation services for the food and tourism industry | Elqui Valley crops
Elqui Valley crops

Food is not the only memory I have of these places but… the oasis of crops flourishing in the Elqui Valley in Atacama, the driest desert in the world, and the scrumptious olives I tasted in the fertile Azapa Valley, are not forgettable.

Spanish food tourism translation services | Tobacco shed | Viñales
Tobacco shed in Viñales
Food tourism translation services | English and French to Spanish | mogotes Viñales
Viñales mogotes or mountains

Cuba was vibrant, multicultural, and full of music, particularly Santiago. We visited tobacco and rum factories, fell in love with the sensual mogotes in Viñales Valley and with the colonial towns, particularly Trinidad.

Professional Spanish translation services for the food tourism industry| pisco-factory-Chile
pisco factory visit

In Chile, we tasted sweet pisco, visited a boutique vineyard in Santiago, and admired the Andes and the homes of Nobel prizes, Mistral and Neruda.

The Valpolicella we drank in Corte San Mattia agriturismo in Verona and the Sol de Sol we bought in Viña Aquitania and sipped admiring the night skyline of the city on stilts (Valparaíso), made for unforgettable memories.

The empanadas we devoured on the hills of Santiago de Chile were tasty and warming, but different in texture and fillings to Galician empanadillas and to Cornish pasties, a reminder that, in food translation, there are no exact equivalents.

Wine tasting in Viña Aquitania, Chile |Spanish wine tourism translation services
Viña Aquitania, Santiago de Chile

Travelling alone in New Zealand, a smoky māori hangi warmed the cockles of my heart one cold night night, and the green-lipped mussels I cooked at a backpacker’s in picturesque Picton were the first ones I ever saw.

The kuchen and colonial museum in Frutillar, Puerto Varas, were exciting discoveries, and I could go on.

I want to know about the memories you sell! You may find a new visitor as well as a good translator.

I’m just an email away.

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